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KEY Shared Business Services

Shared Business Services

“Our core business is your non-core business”

This is one of the main mantras our Facilities Management business has integrated over the past 2 decades to support our clients.

In this time we have also had to function as a business in its own right and so developed robust, business driven processes to support all the functions that are required to run a successful business.

So this led to the creation of KEY Shared Business Services; powered by the management and process standards from our Facilities Management heritage coupled with 20+ years of optimising, streamlining and systemising business functions.

We are structured from the ground up to adapt and integrate in a vast and diverse array of sectors.  We consolidate and specialise in delivering your non core but ultimately business critical functions.  To do this and best operate with our customers we have broken down the non core business activities into specific modules to enable your business to add only what is needed or integrate a full dynamic solution.


KEY Shared Business Services Business Modules:


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